Accelerating Research

to Heal the Mind


​​​​​Drug development is a long and arduous process. On average, it takes eight to 15 years and costs over $1 billion to take a drug from discovery and develop it through clinical trials for FDA approval. In the past, pharmaceutical companies would oversee the entire development of therapeutics — from early research tests through clinical trials needed for approval. However, larger companies are now forgoing early-stage research programs and procuring viable products at later stages of development through acquisitions and licensing deals. As a result life-changing treatment options discovered in government and academic institutions become abandoned in the early stages of development. There is a need to propel these treatments through this gap and into the hands of people that need them.

​We created EncepHeal to bridge this development gap and provide an accelerated pathway for abandoned therapeutics. We will source promising compounds, perform the necessary preclinical and early clinical trials to establish proof of concept in humans, and offer viable drug candidates to our strategic pharmaceutical partners for FDA approval and commercialization. Our first project is to develop first-in-class treatments for cocaine and methamphetamine addictions.

our approach

The drug development gap